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3 Ways to Embrace the Power of the Present Moment

Published over 1 year ago • 3 min read

Hi Reader and Happy Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Question...When was the last time you felt truly present in the moment?

In this fast-paced and hectic world, I know how challenging it can be to stay focused on what's happening right now. I've often been so busy juggling the demands of my professional career, family life, and taking care of others that I've failed to notice the power of just being in the present moment.

At times, we all find ourselves constantly thinking about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future instead of enjoying where we are right now. This mindset can lead to feelings of anxiety or depression when we feel like we're not doing enough or not getting what we want out of life.

The truth is, when you're in the present moment, you're able to fully experience all of the good things within and around you.

Here are three ways to help you embrace the power of present moment:

1. Acknowledge the power of presence in your life.

Presence is a powerful way to experience life. The most important thing to remember is that being present is a choice that we make. It's not something that happens to us—we decide whether or not we're going to be present in the moment.

When you choose to be present, you can acknowledge and accept that there are times when you will experience happiness, sadness, anger, frustration and disappointment—and that's ok! You also understand that you have a choice on how to react to these emotions. You can choose to act on them or let them go.

As a result, when you're present, you won't judge your experience and you'll be more likely to accept it for what it is without any judgments about your level of happiness, need for perfection or comparison with others. Ultimately, this means that you can embrace who and where you are right now, letting go of limiting beliefs so you can enjoy life more fully and deeply.

2. Train yourself to be present.

Working toward being present is like training for a sport. Like an athlete trains for a competition, you can embrace and enjoy more present moments by incorporating healthy mindfulness activities and habits in your daily life.

Many scientific studies have proven that practicing 10-20 minutes of mindfulness can bring you a variety of positive psychological - mental and emotional, physical, spiritual, and social benefits. The key is to be committed and consistent with your practice.

My go-to daily mindfulness habits are meditation, yoga, breathwork and going on nature walks.

3. Be aware of the world around you and appreciate what you have right now.

The happiest people are those who focus on the little things in life. They're able to appreciate each moment and not dwell on what's happened in the past or worry about what may occur in the future. They're aware of their surroundings but they don't allow themselves to get caught up in them but instead they focus on what's important in the moment.

It's also important to remember when you take time to appreciate what you have right now, you can feel more connected to the world around you. You can find happiness in little things, like seeing a beautiful sunset, feeling the breeze on your face on a cool morning walk, listening to your favorite song while driving home from work or having game night with your family. The point is you don't need anything fancy or expensive to appreciate what you have - just be aware and grateful for the beauty around you and enjoy those moments as much as possible.

As you develop greater awareness of the present moment, you'll find yourself more able to make smart choices when faced with challenges or difficult situations. It's not always easy to be in the here and now, but by doing these things often and with focused intentionality, you can move closer to embracing and enjoying the present moment more often.

How do you embrace the power of the present moment and what are your go-to daily mindfulness habits?

Be Blessed and Have an Amazing Week!

Yolanda Tate
Yolanda Tate
CEO, Elevate 2 Wellness, LLC
"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it." - Charles R. Swindoll.

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